You are here CEROS & eDition - Ezines, Digimags, Interactive publishing platform

CEROS & eDition - Ezines, Digimags, Interactive publishing platform

The Ceros and eDition platforms enable content-owners to combine the finest
qualities of the Web with the engaging, familiar experience of a magazine.

These techonologies allow online magazine publications to be produced
featuring - Animation, interactive content, data capture and games.

The Ceros platform comprises editing and content management tools,
detailed statistical analysis and comprehensive APIs to provide
integration with ecommerce, subscription and tracking systems.

eDition is a platform for fast and efficient transfers of printed publications on
the Internet. eDition preserves the convention of printed publications, and at
the same time it enables numerous different multimedia functionalities
and limitless possibilities, which is offered by Internet technology.

Production process brief overview for both systems:-

  • Design pages in Adobe indesign
  • Output base .pdf from indesign and upload to system
  • Output guide layer as .jpg for import to flash
  • Output assets to flash via photoshop
  • Build flash interactive layers and upload to system
  • Test uploaded ezine

To ease production time and effort a set of custom flash
templates are used for repeated elements in the ezine.