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Traderlynk -Tincan


Intercom like communications for the financial community. I was employed to design and build the user interface within the browser. The application was implemented in vanilla javascript and made use of the Web audio API to allow client side control of volume panning and recordings playback. The Web speech to text api is used to translate the text before sending to the server. The web midi API was used to connect to external hardware controls.

Traderlynk Soft Turret

Traderlynk Soft Turret

Implementation of a financial traders phone system as a single page web app.

I was employed to design and implement the UI which was achieved through low latency native Web Components/Javascript, Server sent events and a REST API connected to the Traderlynk Server.
D3 is used to visually represent phone connections and the Web audio API is used to playback and historical recordings with controls to search and alter playback speed.

Wirelynk Unified Communications UI


Wirelynk is a follow up to the Traderlynk product. It provides a simple interface for financial organisations to connect to their private wires via the Microsoft lync/Skype for business infrastructure. Multiple handsets, speakers and intercom functionality of both SIP and WebRTC can be used concurrently providing a turret like experience.
The application is put together using vanilla Javascript, html5 and css3 and is hosted either in the lync/skype for business context window, browser, mobile or in a chrome extension for the desktop.

Traderlynk Unified Communications UI

Traderlynk Unified Communications UI

Unified messaging for the financial community in a browser based single page app.

I was employed to design and implement the UI which was achieved through low latency native Web Components/Javascript, the Data model persisted across browser windows using a Chrome extension background page or shared web worker. Data is transported over web sockets and WebRTC using the Traderlynk javascript API which via a Traderlynk server integrates with the Microsoft Lync infrastructure.

Wowcher Mobile Web App

Wowcher Mobile Web App

Design and implementation of a working proof of concept. This responsive web app for mobile browsers was created for Wowcher, a popular eCommerce site using Jquery mobile.
The app receives deal and location data through a Wowcher API and this is used to pre-load deal information, allowing the user to browse deals without waiting for loading.
Phonegap was used to convert the web app to a native app for Android, which could then be distributed through the app store.

html5 Ezine Interactive Digi-Magazine - Sweden

html5 Interactive Magazine

Design and implementation of interactive magazine platform that doesn't require the use of flash. Featuring rich interactive content that works on PCs and tablet computers such as the ipad. The magazine can scaled to fill the available browser frame while maintaining its aspect ratio.