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Traderlynk -Tincan


Intercom like communications for the financial community. I was employed to design and build the user interface within the browser. The application was implemented in vanilla javascript and made use of the Web audio API to allow client side control of volume panning and recordings playback. The Web speech to text api is used to translate the text before sending to the server. The web midi API was used to connect to external hardware controls.

Wowcher - Associated Newspapers - DMG media


Wowcher is a popular eCommerce site providing location based deals. Employed as a UI/UX developer providing design and development for the Wowcher web and mobile sites. Creation and implementation of new features. Investigation of issues and bug fixes, Prototyping, User journeys and Wireframes.

Wowcher Mobile Web App

Wowcher Mobile Web App

Design and implementation of a working proof of concept. This responsive web app for mobile browsers was created for Wowcher, a popular eCommerce site using Jquery mobile.
The app receives deal and location data through a Wowcher API and this is used to pre-load deal information, allowing the user to browse deals without waiting for loading.
Phonegap was used to convert the web app to a native app for Android, which could then be distributed through the app store.

Crafts Magazine - E-commerce online subscriptions

Crafts Magazine - E-commerce online subscriptions

Crafts is the only British magazine to cover all craft forms, from studio work to public commissions, from modern experimental work to traditional and historic designs.

Design and development of an E-commerce facility using world pay to take payments for yearly subscriptions to Crafts magazine. The form uses Javascript validation and a callback from worldpay, processed by a ASP script which enables email conformations to be automatically sent to shoppers.

Crafts Council - Website

Crafts Council

The Crafts Council is the UK’s national organisation for the promotion of contemporary crafts.
Design and creation of the original site featuring a simple, fully accessible and visually engaging web presence for a public service organisation.
A new template was designed using HTML and CSS.

The site was praised in Webactive magazine where it received 4/5 star rating.
'Web Active' magazine, issue 43